Jazzo is a parallel NOW created intentionally to escape actuality
Design your body,
redesing your mind
Jazzo is utopic, anxiety-neutral, near-ideal condition in which you don’t need anything
Jazzo a sub-reality in soft focus that is a step away from absolute reality.
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“When people dance they do not think about killing their neighbors”
Events at Mimoda Studio
Meditative Aerobics –Jazzo in slow motion
Dance Biomechanics course
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Jazzo New Bodyculture Explained
Jazzo® is
art health and self development
dance biomechanics
physical empathy
dance without technique
a physical form of pleasure, like food and sex, but without side effects
a utopic, anxiety-neutral, a near-ideal condition in which you don’t need anything
a flow state where a person experiences a balance between the emotional, spiritual and physical states
a conduit that connects us to nature, our external source of vital energy
is aesthetic resistance to gravity
Who is Mimoda Jazzo
Mimoda Jazzo is an artist, anti-guru, and wellness expert, working from his studio in Los Angeles. He is the creator of Jazzo Bodyculture.
Streetsmart Diet
Comfort Zone
Dance Biomechanics
Self study and self observation
Social Resonance
Jazzo New Bodyculture Six Pillars of Health
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